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Oct. 23rd, 2008 @ 06:12 am My intelligence surpasses that of entire civilizations
Current Mood: amusedamused
It's true...

The "Ancients" couldn't begin to touch upon this greatness. Even entire R&D Labs would be hard pressed to top me when I'm "In the groove", so to speak. I have a natural nack for turning the impossible possible, but just lack the drive and resources to make it happen. Except for women things, since I come to the conlusion that women don't exist, and instead are just overly hairy and high pitched males with excessive fat deposits on their chests, and eraser sized dingle dongles, and inverted testicles, so can't make the fictional possible there, yo.

Anywho, anyone who can take the most simplistic of science and turn it around into the true potential of most under abused situations like I can, clearly deserves a mighty reward. Some desire merely a cookie, a pat on the back, or another form of acknowledgement... Me? I want a factory to pump the cookies out for me. Coming from the boonies, where I wasn't allowed to take science and the likes, nor given proper guidance for the areas I excelled and showed great promise anyways, I think I'm well overdue to collect on some things. Borderline Wily insane and sheer brilliance... And yet, I don't have a gas consuming vehicle, like regular people. For shame, mofo, for shame...
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