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Apr. 22nd, 2009 @ 12:11 pm Winter Out, Spring IN
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Ah... Spring is finally here for us all to lose ourselves in...

Now that Winter is over, and the atmosphere is setting itself up nicely, I think it's time to get back to some training, only this time cranked up. I plan to start a more intense training regime this year, and this year with actual BUDGET for a change. I found a rather interesting book on Amazon today, and while the massive price tag and lack of printing of this yet to be named book snagged my interest, the things it claims inside it were the true selling points. A book that actually supports my own research theories, while having many examples and qouting people from history that actually seem legit in many regards. It's actually something I've been seeking out for a long time and quite pleased to see truly exists.

Once this most dubious titled book arrives from overseas from the far off land of Britania, with possible conspiracy and epic lulz ensuing depending on the seller's part, I can finally bust out the glasses and get into some hardcore reading sessions. I reached this point anyways by staring at a DSI I was thinking of buying, and then alot of games, and ultmately deciding I don't read enough anymore. Snagging a book or two in the mix just made sense, given the last time I bought a book was... a few years ago?

Oh, and I bought a book about Philosphy and the Zelda universe, which shall amuse me to some degree.
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