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Jul. 4th, 2009 @ 10:12 am Poor Ray... Never gets any slack
Current Mood: tiredtired
I get an idea that would level the playing field for the guy, or at least set it up, and everyone else runs crazy over it. I'm the only one that doesn't fear the prospect of SUPRAH RAY, clearly. Give the guy something that places him above the rest, and they all wanna cry him back down to their level with enough tears to make an Ark float >>;

Oh well. Ian did raise a slightly interesting question, that I gave a quick answer in your place, but after being awake for too long and running on an E-Tank now, it makes me wonder too, for data reasons...

Laucorn5555 (11:38:14 PM): Not to be critical of him...but what is he trying to prove with all this magic stuff Jeff?
"I" told him it's like how he and the common folk follow God, and that was fine for him. But I'm curious as to learning if that is indeed correct, or if it's some other reason...

Anyways, next time we talk, I'll have some amusement for both of us to prattle on about, since I have a most interesting proposal to pass in the Dark Senate. And if people say no, I'll bust out the Divine Majinns with Yoshi's that's been capped in Item World with GODS slain inside them to pass the bills, since obvious references are now obvious.
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